Using the physical principle of Multi-phase shifting and thanks to its very thin antennas, which are out of phase, LIFE MAXX technology permanently opposes waves identical to the waves produced by the polluting devices.ย ย 


This technology is an electromagnetic wave compensator which has the effect of compensating a wave by creating a counter wave, opposite and which allows to limit the undesirable effects on biological and thermal level, without modifying the quality of emission / Reception of the source. This overlap of antenna pairs makes it possible to multiply without limiting the number of antennas per phase-shifting module, which makes it possible to significantly increase the protection of persons with respect to electromagnetic waves.

Scientifically tested, in particular by measurements of DAS-Specific Absorption Rate, power absorbed in watt per kilogram of living tissue, LIFE MAXX technology minimizes the waves absorbed by the brain.



The measuring current test performed on each subject shows an average value of 50 micro amps without the device.

In the presence of the unit, we see that the conductivity is significantly lower. In the presence of the protection system there is significant equilibrium of the unit currents.

The results were corroborated by thermographic data that have demonstrated, in the presence of mobile phones, an elevated skin temperature. On the contrary, by adding a protection device LIFE MAXX the temperature returned to an equilibrium.
Thermographic expert report on the multi-frequency antenna device of 180 ยฐ phase shift Patent No. deposit: 0508722 filed on 24/08/2005 at INPI.

Different scientific and technological studies have shown that mobile phones have more important than the masts of biological risks.

Indeed, the pulse wave of mobile phones produce radiation capable of increasing the temperature of biological tissue in their users. The SAR, or “Specific Absorption Rate” of each device provides an indication of the amount of energy transmitted to the human body. When the electromagnetic waves hit the body, part of the wave is reflected while the other is absorbed and the direction of penetration changes at each interface between two elements of the body: skin-muscle, muscle-bone, bone-vessels, etc. …

With respect to the head, after passing through the skin, the facial muscles and bones, electromagnetic waves penetrate more than 2 cm, inside of the brain. A lso, part of the absorbed electromagnetic energy is converted into heat, causing a temperature increase of brain tissue. The transformation of the energy entering the tissue causes an increase kinetic energy of the molecules which absorb electromagnetic waves. This results into a molecular excitation with an oscillation of the bipolar water molecules and of the phospholipids membrane which constitute the major part of the living tissue.


Thermography performed under supervision of a bailiff.
With the thermographic analysis we can highlight the heating action, the electromagnetic fields (C.E.M) of a G.S.M, on the face. Image analysis shows in relation to the matter and in the control period, a significant temperature increase, mainly in the atrial region and especially after 10-minute telephone conversation.

This thermography is performed in an air-controlled laboratory IFTH, by an independent scientist specialized in thermographic analyses. After 10 minutes of phone conversation we can observe that the individual experiences an increase in communication temperature over 1.6 degrees on the inner ear and the auditory nerve. With the multi-phase protection device LIFE MAXX placed on the mobile phone, after 10 minutes of conversation the same individual undergoes only a small temperature increase of only 0.2 degrees. This proves the effectiveness of the protection device LIFE MAXX against the thermal effects of electromagnetic waves.


Electron microscopes can show how our cells (blood cells) react in the presence of electromagnetic waves with and without the LIFE MAXX protection device LIFE MAXX.

1. It uses a blood sample under the microscope without being exposed to electromagnetic waves to see normal blood cells for 5 minutes

2. Repeating the same experiment with a blood sample exposed to electromagnetic waves of a cell phone for 5 minutes, can be observed that the blood cells clump and the outer membrane are blurred.

3. The same experience with a phone using a protection device LIFE MAXX for 5 minutes, shows that the cells remain almost normal here too.
There is a real difference with and without protection device LIFE MAXX. These tests show a real efficiency of the protection device LIFE MAXX biological and thermal level.



Life Maxx asks Ricardo VIEIRA, an alternative Medicine Therapist (Cabinet of Natural Therapies, Specialist in Spagytherapy & Geobiology, Environmental Toxicology Trainer – Dowsing
Higher Professional School of Naturopathy) to realize a radiesthesic analysis.
Life Maxx presents you theses results of the analysis on the 25mmx40 antennas and 45mmx 40 antennas patches in practical application.
Before itโ€™s important to specify some details to understand the results:

1 – The place chosen for the analysis is a studio of about 30m2, so the only divisions apart from the main room are the bathroom / wc., The hall and the small kitchen. This is the standard of a main living room in an apartment or house.

2- The apartment is already harmonized geobiologically with various cosmo-telluric harmonisers. So, the initial values are already due to this harmonization. This is very interesting because we can see that even a well-harmonized apartment does not prevent the negative impact when using an electronic device directly.

So here is the table with the values obtained:


It is measured in Bovis units and its vibratory balance limit is found in 6500 uB.

Below this value the imbalance and the negative impact on health begins.

Between 6500uB and 10000uB we remain in the physical plane in balanced values for health.

Between 10000 and 14000 we are in the energetic plane and therefore with a positive impact on the energetic bodies, and beyond 14000 we are in the spiritual planes, high places telluric and others which have no interest here.
Magnetic / electrical radiations are geobiological measurements that vary according to the shape, density, volume, nature, constitution, functioning, among others, of any object, where the intensity varies according to the energy source behind the object (magnetic field, waves cosmo-telluric, electric current, etc.)

These are radiations known only to geobiologists and which should not be compared to normal notions of color, electricity or magnetism or polarity.
Ricardo VIEIRA could not explain the whole theory here, but what’s important to remember is that these rays are classified according to a color that vibrates in magnetic or electric phase.

Only the green has the particularity of being positive or negative but again that does not mean that one or the other is good or bad.

In fact, the impact of the ray on the human being differs according to the type of phase in which he finds himself.

All the rays of any color that vibrate in a magnetic phase have a positive impact on the human being, on the other hand all the electric phase rays are harmful to the human being and the intensity of these rays good or bad depends on the vibratory rate (biometer).

This being exposed, we can then analyze the table.
On the first four lines, we can see the values of the place and its inhabitants without any direct interaction with any device even if they are all lit.

We can see that the values are more than correct and that the place vibrates in a green + magnetic that has a positive action on the depression and that the inhabitants take advantage and absorb these rays there.

On the following 5 lines we can see the impact on myself (VR) when used directly with my computer, the laptop (with the different options of emission of waves) and the approximation to the wifi of about 1m away which is located in the bathroom.

The vital energy falls to 20% which causes fatigue, headaches and exhaustion in the long term.

The vibratory rate falls in 3000 uB where the harmfulness is extremely strong or even with the possibility of cancer development in the long term and we stop absorbing the green + magnetic of the apartment and we begin to absorb the electric red emitted by electronics.

Red in electrical phase is known for liver and vascular degeneration or even hematological cancer in the long term.

We can see on the following lines that with the use of the patch the values increase in more acceptable rates even if we still find a slight harmfulness in the vibratory rates, we notice that the vital energy is less deployed and that the more interesting is that the patches block the emission of electric red and we return to absorb again the green + magnetic present in the apartment.

Finally we can observe in the last lines that without a direct interaction with the devices (with patches) but while still lit, the vital energy is less deployed and therefore almost to its perfect use and the vibratory rates of the place and these inhabitants still increase between 500uB and 2000 uB.

It is a simple study but already with a practical richness of great interest which leads me to note the real effectiveness of the patches 25 and 45.
Concerning the patch 25mm x 80 antennas used directly on the person:
The first results of my tests. There is indeed a direct positive effect on the laying of an 80-antenna patch on the Thymus. An increase in the energy rate is immediate. On daily use the depollution effect is there with great efficiency and with a positive impact on the body in the long term.