What is the technology used by LIFE MAXX

LIFE MAXX technology works as a compensator of electromagnetic waves which has the effect of compensating for a wave by creating a wave against. This technique, called Multi phase shift in physics, is implemented using microwave antennas connected in series and able to capture all the polluting wave frequencies. Using the physical principle of the Multi phase and with its very thin antennae that diphase them, LIFE MAXX technology constantly opposed identical waves to waves produced by pollutants devices.

The LIFE MAXX technology is a passive device composed of a series of multilayer antennas, designed to capture polluting electromagnetic waves, with the aim of shifting the phase to obtain the best possible return for compensation.

This electromagnetic compensation technology allows to limit the adverse effects on the biological and thermal level, without changing the quality of transmission / reception of the source.

Is it necessary a LIFE MAXX protection device on each hardware emitting waves in our environnment ?

Yes indeed … To get the best possible compensation, we advise you to place a protection device LIFE MAXX on each transmitter unit closer to its transmitting antenna. This is the principle of multi phase switch. The more we increase the phase shift capability, the better results we will get.

Can I take off the LIFE MAXX protection device and re-use it ?

This is not recommended, as you may damage the multi phase shift antenna circuit by detaching it from its initial support.

If LIFE MAXX technology protects me from electromagnetic waves, how can my device still work ?

LIFE MAXX technology doesn’t interfere with your devices. It acts upon the waves emanating from your devices by compensating for all waveforms and acts on living beings at biological and thermal level. Your hardware will work perfectly.

Does Life Maxx technology has a negative effect on my network connection ?

LIFE MAXX technology does not interfere with you network connection. Antenna signal is the same and your device will not suffer any change in its emission and reception sign.

Does Life Maxx technology cause undesirable effects ?

Technology LIFE MAXX is completely passive and has no side or undesirable effects.

Does Life Maxx offer a technical information service ?

Yes. You can contact us directly at: